There are many job scheduling frameworks available nowadays. Noisoftware have implemented Hangfire for scheduling jobs.

The goal of implementing Hangfire is to try new job scheduling technique. Our senior developers have put their continuous efforts to successful return of the Hangfire. From setting up the environment, coding for dashboard configuration, coding for task scheduling everything has been done by our experts.

And ultimately Noisoftware did it!!

Hangfire is an open source solution for job processing in background for ASP .NET

Hangfire permits you to kick off technique calls outside of the request processing pipeline in a completely smooth, but reliable way. These technique invocations are achieved in a background thread and called background jobs. Hangfire keeps background jobs and other information that relates to the processing internal a persistent garage.

Hangfire is a smooth manner to carry out background processing in .NET and .NET Core applications. Hangfire is not limited to web applications, it can also use for Console applications.We don’t require Windows Service to use Hangfire in our applications.


Attractive features of Hangfire:

  • Simple
  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Persistent
  • Distributed
  • Self-maintainable
  • Transparent
  • Extensible
  • Open source


Now, why we choose Hangfire?

  • Ability to schedule recurring jobs
  • Ability to schedule delayed jobs

So, the Hangfire provides .NET developers to run and manage the background processes in a convenient way.

Hangfire implementation is one of the achievements and a great success of Noisoftware.