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Berman Database System

Berman Database System is a leading service provider that delivers proactive IT support and infrastructure management along with consulting services and tools for expert IT strategy services.
NOI software is currently associated with Berman Database System to provide a complete and efficient HRMIS (Human Resource Management Information System) with payroll to integrate multiple administration streams for ensuring easy management of human resources, data and business activities.



Polozna.nl is a Polish magazine for professionals addressing women’s obstetrics and pregnancy in the Netherlands since 1990. NOI software developed the entire website and integrated multilingual planning in PHP. As videos are one of the most powerful tools of visual communication, we designed the website to display the video and audio content of the magazine to enhance the website experience of the end-users.



Babybladen is a Dutch baby care and maternity retail company meant to provide baby care and maternity products and services. With the timely co-ordination from the company, NOI software delivered a complete company website portal design and development to create a strong online presence. We aimed at displaying the company’s enterprise-wide information and product content with sophistication and make it easily accessible to existing as well as potential customers.


Elogix Software

Elogix is a trusted, multi-layered high-end IT consultancy house, providing services to leading clients all over Europe, U.S.A., Australia and Asia.
Currently, we are working with Elogix to provide them with a consolidated HRMIS (Human Resource Management Information System) to integrate a variety of administration streams and establish a well-developed training manual. We are applying our strong skill set to structure the required framework efficiently in .Net and manage data storage and restoration on the SQL server.

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Tanvee Pharmacy

Tanvee pharmacy is a Durgapur based pharmaceutical company, offering a wide range of products and services with a vision of addressing unmet medical needs. NOI software was able to bring them one step closer to achieve this vision by providing them with a compact pharmacy management system to manage & organize inventory as well as seller and customer details. This ensured smooth and easy functioning of their services and helped in further strengthening their focus on the ultimate goal.



Core Thoughts school aims at teaching the core aspect of various career related topics in IT as concisely as possible. We developed digital marketing solutions for Core thoughts to help them reach a wide range of people to deliver their new age teaching techniques by establishing a powerful web presence by applying innovative design, marketing and development strategies.


Neuvoatech Solutions

Neuvoatech Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a certified, multi-disciplinary Management consulting firm with a focus on innovative solutions in the emerging technology arena. NOI software has been arranging and delivering the entire IT support including website design, development solutions and profiling to display the company’s business values and executing marketing and promotion strategies to make their services visible and easily accessible to a majority of the audience in India as well as in other global markets.


Avasa Organic

AVASA ORGANIC is a natural and organic products and services company aimed at delivering pure organic food products. NOI software provided Avasa with a thorough and appealing website design to launch their services and products on the online platform to deliver their intended sustainable solutions and reach a wider audience.


Ryutek Technologies

Ryutek Technologies OPC Pvt Ltd is a product development, prototyping service and software training company with a strong presence in the physical market.
NOI sofware has provided the complete website design and web development functionality to help it achieve its virtual presence. NOI delivered the website aesthetic elements to establish the company’s social media identity along with effortless functionality.


PCS Global

PCS Global is a global information technology company with head office in Kolkata. NOI software is providing PCS with a flexible, user-friendly, easily accessible and compact Website design.
A great design to make a lasting impact on the target audience was the addition required for a well-established company like PCS Global. We also launched an attractive brochure design to promote and engage the customers to further achieve a strong company branding.


Geneva India

Geneva India Pvt Ltd. is a company providing and dealing with high-speed network services. NOI software provided them with the most approachable & user - friendly website design to enable their customers with easy navigation and at-a-glance viewing services. With our website assistance plans, we are continuing with our support in their website management and marketing.



Royalooo is a fashion brand providing a range of accessories and garments. NOI software has designed and developed the complete website design and web development functionality of their eCommerce services to ensure their presence in the competitive sector of fashion, creating an excellent platform to showcase their products and services and make them easily accessible to customers.

Bambino Home

Bambino Home provides stylish & modern design beds for kids. NOI software offers complete website management through maintenance, timely upgradation and promotion required to support Bambino in carrying out their daily services effectively. We aim at providing the right supplementary action to support any business and have developed our website management plans to cater to such requirements.

Peak Fitness

Peak Fitness combines the best equipment and classes with the industry experts to offer a whole-health approach to staying fit. Rebranding and updating their online presence was one of their business development plans and we at NOI software provided our solutions for a complete website upgradation to create a new look and feel of their brand and services to assist them in achieving this goal.

Biswas Udyog

Biswas Udyog, a value-added partner & franchisee (Service Partner) of Wipro Limited offers a full range of IT solutions to various sectors. NOI software provides a complete website management service to expand Biswas Udyog’s growing presence and strong reputation by ensuring timely support and strategic services for maintaining and enhancing their business identity.

Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre

Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre is an eyecare and research centre equipped with infrastructure which complies with international standards. NOI software has developed their complete E-commerce marketplace in Magento eCommerce platform to set up a display of their products and services for making thoughtful information more widely accessible. The site will be promulgated soon.

Warp & Weft

Warp and Weft is a leading Ladies Boutique in the Kolkata. Their complete website design, tailoring ERP & E-commerce is being managed by NOI software to realize the boutique’s aim of being a one-stop destination, servicing customers both local and from other parts of Kolkata. NOI is striving towards strengthening the business activities by creating and deploying online eCommerce solutions for Warp and Weft. The site will be promulgated in a short time.

Craft Bees

Craft Bees offers handcrafted attire and lifestyle products to empower not only urban artists but also by rural artisans from across India. We at NOI software are designing and managing the complete website & e-commerce platform with easy access to the artisans associated with them as well as potential customers. Our goal is to enable them to view and buy the offered products by implementing industry-standard website design and delivery. The site will be promulgated soon.

Alipurduar railway division

Alipurduar railway division is one of the five railway divisions under Northeast Frontier Railway zone of Indian Railways. NOI software collaborated with them to develop a travel portal to bring various travel activities and travel map information on one single platform by implementing the web-based Kiosk management and monitoring the application. We incorporated multilingual data display services to cater to the need of travellers to provide them with apt services to enhance their travel experience.

Bankura Nursing Home

Bankura Nursing Home (A Unit of Ritawari Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd.), is a leading multi-specialty healthcare institute at Bankura. To achieve the best of what the site can offer, we evaluated and renovated the existing website to funnel tasks that aided in their goal of providing comprehensive care. We aimed at increasing the awareness by improving the display and functioning of the website content.

Joba Prime

JobaPrime is an e-commerce platform that includes healthcare & personal care products/ supplements trading & distribution. We at NOI software are designing and managing the complete website & E-commerce for the organization with easy access to the artisans associated with them as well as potential customers to view and buy the offered products by implementing industry-standard website design and delivery. The site will be promulgated soon.