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14 Apr 2020


In the middle of mounting worries of contamination, we're all learning how to live with the coronavirus outbreak. At the same time, work from home is to a great extent of realism. Working from home suggestively improved employees’ productivity and job gratification, though there are less prospective than parallel-performing peers working in the office.

Let’s confer some prospective benefits and downsides to being attentive & evaluate the productivity:
Get organized & create a workplace in your home… find a devoted and comfortable space to work which can not only aid you to associate with your job but also leave when you’re off the clock. Dressed properly & Make sure you have a wall or background that ensembles a Skype or video call with authorities.

Strategize workflow wisely… Focus on your tasks and plan periods including extra time in between to provide for possibilities like unexpected work calls and new responsibilities from authorities. Set a goal… set targets to take a shot while you settle. To maintain the productivity enigma, list out the tasks as per the demanding sequence.

Communication plays a big role in working from home and a key essential not to feel out of the loop. casual collaboration & impromptu brainstorming session that happens in an office can be facilitated by the help of communication tools i.e. texting, Skyping, emailing, web meetings. Maintain a healthy relationship through communication with your colleagues & manger.

Technology might be an issue but try to grab & master the technologies which are available in these case scenario. Cloud technology has made it easier than ever for remote workers to work from anywhere that can help work from home.

Interruption & distractionis one of the immense trials facing individuals who work from home, specifically for those who aren’t used to it. Stay dedicated to your timings and deliverables. Avoid misusing your work from home by being inaccessible or else you will bargain your professional esteem.

Finally, yet importantly Initiate guidelines and limits to protect your personal life from work that may sneak into it. Avoid carry work away from your desk and do not interfere with family time or social time to complete pending work.

As a consequence of coronavirus, working from home might feel like a new ecosphere, even if you’ve done it before than that. It’s undoubtedly unexpected & it might be for a long-drawn-out period relatively than just a day. Knowing you may be giving in more determination than before with the right mindset—you can do a great job and appreciate the welfares that go along with it.

13 Mar 2020


    Today’s businesses will attempt to do their finest to offer exceptional customer service and gratify their customers. And to afford unfluctuating customer experience you need not only to provide a good service but also to offer your customers convenient for them communication frequencies.

Features that simplify chat workflow

  • By offering chat bots it allows automate some processes. When user select the chat icon a notification of the chat request is sent to the backend admin. And an auto generated message is there in the chat box of the user.
  • Possibility to resize chat window
  • Data processing consent box and message
  • Multiple chat window customizations within one account
  • If the user logged out of their accounts, the chat will be automatically terminated.
  • Able to get More customer’s questions answered and complete their purchase without waiting for an email response, the chat icon in the user section will be shown only when the backend admin section is present. To curtail your team to answer questions live, in real-time.
  • There is a bell icon in the backend. When a new chat request comes there will be a notification sound and the number of chats requests notification will be shown in the bell icon.
  • one of the online operators from the backend can accept the chat request. If the chat request is accepted by one the operator from the backend another operator can’t see that alert notification. Alert notification will be disappeared.
  • Preview of what a visitor is typing.
  • Automated re-routing of chats after a specific timeout.
  • Users can only terminate the chat. When the user terminates the chat pop up alert message will be shown in the backend operators chatbox.
  • In every case for the chat termination either due to inactivity or termination, all the reasons will be seen in backend operators' chat history. The time & date of the termination will also be in history with the message.
  • Possibility of superuser to preview all chats in real-time.
  • For many business owners, it is important to collect information about customers and analyze them before and after the chat conversation. For that, there is a chat admin section to review the chat conversation.
  • Previous chat history loading.

07 Feb 2020

SignalR & its Basics

SignalR is an open-source multiple real-time communication which simplifies the continuous data fetching for clients.
Basically, SignalR is a library on top of the ASP.NET Framework and jQuery to generate real-time web applications by providing application programming interfaces that are ready to drive the activity to all the connected clients concurrently.
To introduce SignalR, first, you need to know what is Real-time web application & What are its specialties?
The real-time web is a stack of technologies that facilitate users to obtain information which is transferred straightaway between users and the server between signalR connected clients, instead of looking for a constant software performance or check the source intermittently for updates.
SignalR can be used for that type of application where there is a high frequency of updates from the server & relentless changes. We will discuss it furthermore in our next blog in which SignalR is used in our products to make it more user-friendly.
SignalR automatically handles traffic in / out in the server.
Let’s see the diagram for – the flow of the SignalR:

17 Jan 2020

Our Achievement


We, NOI are extremely blissful to pronounce that we are certified for being a part of the nomination phase of INDIA 500 STARTUP AWARD.
NOI has started its journey not more than a year. To get a nomination within a year is vast attainment for us.
Sharing success is like telling a story: you want it to have an impression. In essence, sharing success and boosting are the implements to propagate the values of feedback. Gratitude and appreciation increase enthusiasm to continue contributing as team and company objectives, ensuing in greater productivity overall.
Thinking back to the obstacles we encountered and how we overcame them help us in many ways to go forward in our endeavor.

20 Dec 2019

Experience the Key points of website &logo design

If you drive your own business, one of the most imperative things that you can have is a website, and with a versatile, appropriate & simple website & logo can make your website unique.
Bringing the very best design work to the website and offering insight enables the website more appealing.

Now let me precisely make a few highlighting points that can contrast other websites. Exceptional design always stands out in a crowd.

1. Just Creative & Simple

A creative yet simple website with graphical representation is the sixer for a website. If it’s idea is simple but there is meaning in every page related to the content that will be a plus point for a website.

2. The LOGO Factor

It is like an x-factor on a website. The logo must be distinctive & appealing to facilitate more users to visit your website. The logo should be the abbreviation form of your website.

3. Engaging images & videos

Videos and photography that are chosen carefully will assist in highlighting what makes you diverse from others. Every image, videos, graphic & content on your website should tell a part of your company's story and emphasize your beliefs and trademark.

4. Clear Mission

If your initial messaging and navigation are precise, bounces may continue at a high rate. Hit them with a one-sentence, crisp statement. Your users are unique and the user experience on your website should be, too.

Check out our website www.noisoftware.com and our client list to find out the unique website design and the logo of the companies.

31 Oct 2019


It’s one of the features of Entity Framework. Entity framework introduces Code First along with Database First & Model First.
Now let’s discuss what is the approach of the code first? Code First modeling workflow aims a database that doesn’t exist and Code First will create it.
Basically, In Database First Developer first creates a database design. In the Database, the design developer creates the table, table relation, implementation of data & creates store procedure.
But in the case of Code First there is no need to create database design, the developer will just work with their code and code first will add new tables accordingly. It can also use the empty database. Code First will create the new database (if it does not exists) and map the classes with the database using default Code first conventions.
The code first is mainly ideal for domain-driven design. In the Code-First approach, the main focus on the domain of the application and start creating classes for the domain entity instead of design the database first and then form the classes which counterpart the database design.
The following figure demonstrates the code-first approach.
Capture 1

The following figure demonstrates the code-first migration workflow:
Capture 2

We, NOI Software currently is using this framework to generate our work on the new web application.

27 Sep 2019


NOI looked at several cities and chose Netherland & Polska for several reasons, including its incredible talent pool and proximity to our headquarters in India. We are glad to announce that our company NOI Software Pvt. Ltd grows in the Netherlands & Polska.
Previously we are working at Mumbai & Kolkata region in India. Now we are expanding our office in Netherlands & Polska.
Netherland & Polska regions are a leading talent magnet, maintaining one of the highest in-migration rates in the country as a place where people want to live, work and play.
These region’s business-friendly climate and competitive costs also draw businesses that want to expand to the area. We are extremely gratified to take care of your software-related needs and provide the best interface not only in India but also in these two countries to enhance your business.
We have never compromised the services and the quality provided to the customer. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them the product at a very competent price.
Please feel free to keep in touch with us with any of your business-related requirements/queries in any of the locations.
NOI has been growing and bringing software systems & website designs to the area. Please note that we also design the pages and logo for the website.
We would like to offer our services to support long-term business operations. If you are interested you can send us an mail or contact us. Our supervisor will then contact you for further discussion at a time convenient for you.
We are looking forward to expanding fast & accommodate the company’s growth.

23 Aug 2019

Leave Calendar

We, at NOI Software in recent days worked on a calendar plugin and customized it into a leave calendar.
Following are the specification of our customized leave calendar.

In the Leave calendar features are as follows:
Flexible and easy to use interface
It offers an incredible calendar design and an exquisite user experience to customers. It is a beautifully-crafted, clean tile design that is packed with tons of features. Recognized among customers for its feature availability, it is a remarkable calendar that comes with leave days of different individuals and Holidays.

Displays an individual’s leave day as well as hour
Organizes all the Holidays & leave events in the different forms. Specify a single event per day or multiple on the same date & organize your events in an orderly fashion.

Show leave dates in monthly, weekly & daily view

Displays leave days and leave hours of a specific individual in all the monthly, weekly & daily view. The details & additional contact information for the exact leave date is there in a daily view.

leave 1

An easy change option to the next and previous month/week/year

One can easily change the next & previous month, week & day by clicking the next & previous button. And next & previous year is present in all three views.

prev & next

Different colour codes for different individuals

Different color is used to make it more impressive to access. For holiday & admin day the color code is unique from the other leave days to identify as per the image is shown below.

leave week

1-click description available for the selected day
By clicking on a particular day it opens up in a daily view from the monthly view as shown in the diagram below.
And also if on a particular day more than three-persons take leave, it is showing in view more option. On clicking that it is opening in a daily view.
leave 1leave dayy

06 Aug 2019

Our Work

At NOI Software our clients are our top priority. We firmly believe in creating a platform that’s more than just a place to work.
Our sole purpose is to make your work easier & take the initiative to streamline the work. The fact is that the internet has changed the way everyone does business. Our business has the opportunity to be reached by thousands if not, millions of potential customers. In business, first impressions are everything and if your website is done right, you can grow your business to levels far beyond your competitors.
At NOI Software, we work as a team that has the creativity and experience to maximize presence on the internet, that when clients reach their website, they can trust that they are dealing with professionals. With a professionally built website that leaves a lasting impression, clients will want to do business with us and perceive us to be better than their competitors. Simply, we know how to show our clients that they are in the best hand. It’s time to get your business booming & build a better website.
Our team is devoted to set high standards of excellence and works conscientiously to provide continuous and effortless services to our customers. We have made the following websites that uplift our services:
AVASA ORGANIC(http://avasaorganic.com/) Avasa Organic introduces to you a range of pure, natural and
healthy food products. It strives to provide pure, natural and fresh products that help people live an
easier, healthier and wholesome life.
RYUTEK TECHNOLOGIES(http://ryutek.com/) Ryutek technologies brings future printing technology and
APONJON DIGITAL SEVA(http://www.myaponjon.com/) Aponjon Digital Seva is a team of leaders with a vision to
reach people by easy transaction solutions in banking and e-commerce, with the end goal of becoming a
leading transaction service provider for all financial requirements across India.

17 May 2019


If you try to recall something that happened on your last birthday, it took some time to recollect. Now if you try to recall it again for the second time. You were most likely capable to remember it faster in the second time. As the instant you evoked the incident the first time, it directly saved the information to your recent memory.
The same perception applies to caching. It is the technique of storing consistently used data in memory. The web cache is a database of documents that contain downloaded web pages, images, CSS, JavaScript, and other multimedia content. Let’s discuss caching and how it affects the user.

When the browser visits any page on the site, the browser downloads the page and several other items into the cache and then shows it as part of the page. When you revisit a website, the browser bypasses the server and loads the content directly from the cache.
Web developer uses a different procedure to improvise the performance, scalability of an application and reduce network trafficking. Although there are various types of client-side caching, we will discuss web caching below.

  • Browser Cache.
  • Database Cache.
  • Object Cache.
  • Content delivery Network Cache.

Caching is executed through an HTTP headers directive named as Cache-Control. The Cache-Control general-header field is used to specify directives for caching mechanisms in both requests and responses.
Caching is an important aspect while improvising your brand value. You have to consider the website performance impact on user experience.

  •  Network jamming can be reduced with caching. Since all the request is not from the main source, it frees up the web and alleviates the load on the original server.
  • Memory access timing is the key element as a user’s access point of view.


  •  Browser caching can become complicated and take a large amount of space on your hard drive.
  • Sometimes a cached version of websites can create issues related to downloading the webpage even though the page is updated since last caching it. Partially loaded or poorly formatted webpage, incomplete images and sometimes wrong picture in a wrong place seem to happen all browser at random times.

In NOI SOFTWARE PVT. LTD. We break through the protocol of having an issue relating to caching.
We are using .net angular and MVC and fixed cache issue . We provide absolute cache free applications where you don’t have to clear cache; it will directly download fresh copies of every page you see.