Today’s businesses will attempt to do their finest to offer exceptional customer service and gratify their customers. And to afford unfluctuating customer experience you need not only to provide a good service but also to offer your customers convenient for them communication frequencies.

Features that simplify chat workflow

  • By offering chat bots it allows automate some processes. When user select the chat icon a notification of the chat request is sent to the backend admin. And an auto generated message is there in the chat box of the user.
  • Possibility to resize chat window
  • Data processing consent box and message
  • Multiple chat window customizations within one account
  • If the user logged out of their accounts, the chat will be automatically terminated.
  • Able to get More customer’s questions answered and complete their purchase without waiting for an email response, the chat icon in the user section will be shown only when the backend admin section is present. To curtail your team to answer questions live, in real-time.
  • There is a bell icon in the backend. When a new chat request comes there will be a notification sound and the number of chats requests notification will be shown in the bell icon.
  • one of the online operators from the backend can accept the chat request. If the chat request is accepted by one the operator from the backend another operator can’t see that alert notification. Alert notification will be disappeared.
  • Preview of what a visitor is typing.
  • Automated re-routing of chats after a specific timeout.
  • Users can only terminate the chat. When the user terminates the chat pop up alert message will be shown in the backend operators chatbox.
  • In every case for the chat termination either due to inactivity or termination, all the reasons will be seen in backend operators' chat history. The time & date of the termination will also be in history with the message.
  • Possibility of superuser to preview all chats in real-time.
  • For many business owners, it is important to collect information about customers and analyze them before and after the chat conversation. For that, there is a chat admin section to review the chat conversation.
  • Previous chat history loading.