SignalR is an open-source multiple real-time communication which simplifies the continuous data fetching for clients.
Basically, SignalR is a library on top of the ASP.NET Framework and jQuery to generate real-time web applications by providing application programming interfaces that are ready to drive the activity to all the connected clients concurrently.
To introduce SignalR, first, you need to know what is Real-time web application & What are its specialties?
The real-time web is a stack of technologies that facilitate users to obtain information which is transferred straightaway between users and the server between signalR connected clients, instead of looking for a constant software performance or check the source intermittently for updates.
SignalR can be used for that type of application where there is a high frequency of updates from the server & relentless changes. We will discuss it furthermore in our next blog in which SignalR is used in our products to make it more user-friendly.
SignalR automatically handles traffic in / out in the server.
Let’s see the diagram for – the flow of the SignalR: