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23 Aug 2019

Leave Calendar

We, at NOI Software in recent days worked on a calendar plugin and customized it into a leave calendar.
Following are the specification of our customized leave calendar.

In the Leave calendar features are as follows:
Flexible and easy to use interface
It offers an incredible calendar design and an exquisite user experience to customers. It is a beautifully-crafted, clean tile design that is packed with tons of features. Recognized among customers for its feature availability, it is a remarkable calendar that comes with leave days of different individuals and Holidays.

Displays an individual’s leave day as well as hour
Organizes all the Holidays & leave events in the different forms. Specify a single event per day or multiple on the same date & organize your events in an orderly fashion.

Show leave dates in monthly, weekly & daily view

Displays leave days and leave hours of a specific individual in all the monthly, weekly & daily view. The details & additional contact information for the exact leave date is there in a daily view.

leave 1

An easy change option to the next and previous month/week/year

One can easily change the next & previous month, week & day by clicking the next & previous button. And next & previous year is present in all three views.

prev & next

Different colour codes for different individuals

Different color is used to make it more impressive to access. For holiday & admin day the color code is unique from the other leave days to identify as per the image is shown below.

leave week

1-click description available for the selected day
By clicking on a particular day it opens up in a daily view from the monthly view as shown in the diagram below.
And also if on a particular day more than three-persons take leave, it is showing in view more option. On clicking that it is opening in a daily view.
leave 1leave dayy

06 Aug 2019

Our Work

At NOI Software our clients are our top priority. We firmly believe in creating a platform that’s more than just a place to work.
Our sole purpose is to make your work easier & take the initiative to streamline the work. The fact is that the internet has changed the way everyone does business. Our business has the opportunity to be reached by thousands if not, millions of potential customers. In business, first impressions are everything and if your website is done right, you can grow your business to levels far beyond your competitors.
At NOI Software, we work as a team that has the creativity and experience to maximize presence on the internet, that when clients reach their website, they can trust that they are dealing with professionals. With a professionally built website that leaves a lasting impression, clients will want to do business with us and perceive us to be better than their competitors. Simply, we know how to show our clients that they are in the best hand. It’s time to get your business booming & build a better website.
Our team is devoted to set high standards of excellence and works conscientiously to provide continuous and effortless services to our customers. We have made the following websites that uplift our services:
AVASA ORGANIC(http://avasaorganic.com/) Avasa Organic introduces to you a range of pure, natural and
healthy food products. It strives to provide pure, natural and fresh products that help people live an
easier, healthier and wholesome life.
RYUTEK TECHNOLOGIES(http://ryutek.com/) Ryutek technologies brings future printing technology and
APONJON DIGITAL SEVA(http://www.myaponjon.com/) Aponjon Digital Seva is a team of leaders with a vision to
reach people by easy transaction solutions in banking and e-commerce, with the end goal of becoming a
leading transaction service provider for all financial requirements across India.