If you try to recall something that happened on your last birthday, it took some time to recollect. Now if you try to recall it again for the second time. You were most likely capable to remember it faster in the second time. As the instant you evoked the incident the first time, it directly saved the information to your recent memory.
The same perception applies to caching. It is the technique of storing consistently used data in memory. The web cache is a database of documents that contain downloaded web pages, images, CSS, JavaScript, and other multimedia content. Let’s discuss caching and how it affects the user.

When the browser visits any page on the site, the browser downloads the page and several other items into the cache and then shows it as part of the page. When you revisit a website, the browser bypasses the server and loads the content directly from the cache.
Web developer uses a different procedure to improvise the performance, scalability of an application and reduce network trafficking. Although there are various types of client-side caching, we will discuss web caching below.

  • Browser Cache.
  • Database Cache.
  • Object Cache.
  • Content delivery Network Cache.

Caching is executed through an HTTP headers directive named as Cache-Control. The Cache-Control general-header field is used to specify directives for caching mechanisms in both requests and responses.
Caching is an important aspect while improvising your brand value. You have to consider the website performance impact on user experience.

  •  Network jamming can be reduced with caching. Since all the request is not from the main source, it frees up the web and alleviates the load on the original server.
  • Memory access timing is the key element as a user’s access point of view.


  •  Browser caching can become complicated and take a large amount of space on your hard drive.
  • Sometimes a cached version of websites can create issues related to downloading the webpage even though the page is updated since last caching it. Partially loaded or poorly formatted webpage, incomplete images and sometimes wrong picture in a wrong place seem to happen all browser at random times.

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